Escaped Tiger “Panjo” Returns Home Safely – South Africa

Has the idea of keeping Tiger as a pet ever struck you? Uncommonly, Tigers like “Panjo” residing in South Africa are a house pet.In his recent adventure, when the owner of Panjo was taking him to a vet, Panjo escaped by breaking free from the back of the vehicle. With the help of search dogs, helicopters and trackers Panjo was traced in a farm around 50 km from Pretoria, South Africa. Quite like a Hollywood movie reunion scenes, Panjo dramatically coaxed from his hiding spot on hearing the voice of his master. That put an end to the “escaped tiger drama” on July 28th, yesterday.

But the question is how reliable wild animals can be when kept as a pet? According to the owner of Panjo, he should be treated like a dog and is not be scared of. The experts may say otherwise for its really difficult to predict behavior of wild animals when kept in homes, especially the chances of their possible escapes and how threatening they can be for the outside world.

Here one interesting fact about South African is that Tigers are not native here. You may come across them in game reservoirs though. But largely, tigers are imported in South Africa from Asian countries.

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