Hyena, Rock Pythons and Lagos Nigeria

If the thought of Hyenas, Monkey and Rock Pythons remind you of the incredible work by photographer Pieter Hugo, than Nigeria is not new to you.It is a challenging destination where every day life, people face and battle with challenges, master their fear and continue with strength. Initially, the photos when first revealed show individuals roaming freely in the streets of Nigeria with Hyenas. It was largely said that Hyenas are pet by thieves and drug dealers to add muscle to their criminal activates. However, the truth is otherwise, as all Hyena keepers are not criminals. Some keep Hyenas for their own safety form other Hyena keepers, while some for performance and circus. There are reports where a small group of men with a few Hyenas, Monkeys and Rock Pythons are found to be only street performers staging performances to collect money and win their honest bread.

Hyena, being a wild animal should be considered as the most recent wild animal domesticated. Yet it is still far from getting the status of house pet anywhere else in the world.

While travelling to Lagos, Nigeria half the world fears getting flights arriving at mid night as Hyenas on the streets are a serious threat. There is no guarantee that the leash is held in the hands of a performer or a criminal intending to use the animal as a threat. For the reason, the most popular flight schedules to Nigeria are the ones with early morning arrivals or after noon arrivals. The same applies to departures as well.

While getting cheap flights to Lagos, Nigeria, schedule is the first thing considered before even price!

Apart from the Hyena threats, the street and stage performances are really incredible to watch. There are many who visit Nigeria only to learn and study how man mastered to tame a wild beast known for killing even fierce lions.

Also, photography of man with Hyenas is very popular in the west and some extraordinary scenes can be witnessed where Hyenas are fed by children and women in the house.

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