Lake Volta – Fresh water lake in Ghana

If you are looking for cheap flights to Accra Ghana and a holiday that can make your summer special heed for the Lake Volta. For lake Volta is a man made wonder. Being the largest fresh water lake in the world, Lake Volta is known as a perfect fishing, boating and bird watching spot in Ghana.Despite having the largest surface area, about 8,502 km, among fresh water lakes in the world, Lake Volta lies within the borders of Ghana. It is the fourth largest lake in terms of water volume as well. The lake can be approached through town of Yapei in the north or the Akosombo Dam in the South. The travelers however, prefer the Dam site as a starting off point 520 kilometers downstream from the town of Yapei. The Dam separates the White Volta River and Black Volta rivers which formerly congregated to form a single big Volta River. However, the merger of the Black and White Volta, the mega Volta River can still be traced flowing from the outlets of the Dam towards the south, on the way to Atlantic Ocean.

The Dam formed in 1961-1965, and to date not only fulfills the power needs of the country but also exports electricity to the neighboring countries Togo and Benin. It is also a key revenue generator for the country. During construction of the Volta Lake Dam, around 78,000 people were relocated to new towns and villages.

Lake Volta tours, ferry and boat rides, fresh water fishing and bird watch are popular activities among the local and tourists alike. importantly, Lake Volta provides amazing fishing experience and is surrounded by large fisheries. The waters of Lake Volta are mild warm throughout the year.

Another not to miss attraction, nearby the Lake Volta is the Digya National Park Ghana, located at the west shore of Lake Volta.

Tourists from most European countries visit Accra Ghana for being a friendly country and true representative of ancient African culture. Most importantly, flights and hotels in Ghana are reasonably priced and can fit any budget. There are also plentiful of wild life researchers, photographers and researchers visiting Lake Volta. Some also visit the region for studying the climate of the terrain. Apart from one or the other reason to visit Ghana, visiting Lake Volta, the largest man made fresh water lake of the world is just simply a biggest reason in itself for anyone to discover Ghana.

Like the residence and much more, flights to this beautiful country are available in cheap air fares and with low cost airlines. With the first flights of Virgin Atlantic this year, now the availability of cheap direct flights to Accra, Ghana with a carrier of international repute and recognition is far easier. The arrival of Virgin Atlantic airline in Ghana has certainly opened new doors for the country.

Quite like the flights, accommodations in Accra, Ghana have also improved with time and so has the safety. Now you can easily find a four and five star rated accommodation in Ghana, however the prices are kept cheap to boost tourism in the region.The traditional souvenirs from Ghana include art works and handicrafts on wood, stone carvings and traditional colorful and vibrant fabrics.

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