River Obangui – Central African Republic

Central African Republic nestled in the heart of Africa, neighbors Chad to the North, Sudan to the East, Cameroon to the west and Congo /Republic of Congo to the South. That makes it a land locked country which has both its advantages and disadvantages. However, as the country is known for the net of rivers, it still offers plenty of attractions to visitors.Central African Republic or Centrafrique has a tropical climate. Winning independence In the 60’s, the country still carries the memories of French colonism.

The capital city Bangui is served with flights through neighboring countries. The cheap flights to Bangui, Central African Republic are available with Kenyan airline flying via Nairobi Kenya. Although there are very few travelers flying from UK to Central African Republic, yet the demand for cheap flight fares to Central African Republic is always high with very few, countable carriers catering to the need.

While going to Bangui, a must visit place is river Obangui that bonds Central African Republic with Congo. Every day many fisher men and women from Congo cross the Bangui river, in their canoe to sell fish in the Central African Republic. The capital city of Central African Republic, Bangui is only a canoe away from Zongo, the town in the republic of Congo. Most commonly, women are more likely to be seen crossing the river than men, you can say, men fish and women sell. The part of river Bangui located in the Congo region is inhabited by the Yakoma tribe who lives in tents rimming the river bed.

River Bangui is an amazing bond between the two countries and has a vital importance in studying the ecology of African rivers. Also taking a canoe ride in the river, fishing or photography is equally popular. However it is advised to take measures against diarrhea or malaria and carry mosquito repellant while on a visit to rivers Obangui.

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