Ethiopia : An amazing country with full of attractions

Ethiopia is an amazing country full of wonderful attractions, diverse flora and fauna, wildlife, and some of nature’s extravagant marvels, yet, offering a low cost holiday! One can easily find cheap flights to Ethiopia and very reasonably priced accommodations.

One of the many outstanding attractions not very far from the city, The Blue Nile Falls, makes Ethiopia a strong name among world holiday destinations. Every year, there are countless arrivals at the Addis Ababa International airport mostly with the cheap direct flights of Ethiopian Airline.

If you are also making a list of things to see in Ethiopia, The Blue Nile Falls should be at the top of your list. The falls located around 22 miles away in the south of Bahir Dar Town, are on the way of Tis Isat Village. Either you can drive or take a ride in the tourist coach along with a friendly local guide to know more about the falls. If you choose to driver, also you can hire a local guide, in a very small fee, to make your trip more colorful with stories of the fall.

The Tis Isat Village is a small village close to the fall, the name of this scarcely populated area owes its derivation to the falls itself. The word “Tis Isat” means “Smoke of Fire” and is also a reference to the Falls for they make the most dramatic and majestic spectacle on the Blue Nile river. Especially, during the sunset, the reddish glow of the falls is like flowing stream of pure honey.

The Blue Nile Falls are best to be visited during the rainy season. In the monsoon the falls spread from a mere dropping to a four hundred meters, 1312 feet sheet of water. With the depth of over forty meters, the fall is not only a pleasant scene to the eye, music to the ears but also it shares with you its joyous springs and is known for drenching onlookers up to a kilometer away by throwing a continuous spray of water.

The Blue Nile falls are Ethiopia’s best natural asset with its liveliness and spectacular attraction. This misty deluge produces rainbows of colors, transcending across the gorge. Where there are waterfalls, there is rich flora & fauna, greenery and abundant wild life. The small perennial rainforest of lush green vegetation is a perfect place to spot some Ethiopian monkeys and multicolored birds enjoying their life in natural habitat.

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