Ezeagu Tourist Complex: Nigeria

Nigeria is a land blessed with many natural and human resources. Tourist’s attractions abound in Nigeria, ranging from natural attractions like lakes, hills, waterfalls, springs, mountains, rocks, beaches etc.A half-hour drive from bustling capital city of Enugu state is the Ezeagu Tourists Complex. The complex exhibits one of the natural wonders of wonders of nature. Measuring about 22 hectares in size, it comprises a lake, a cave and a waterfall surrounded by variant vegetation of riverine lustre. The complex has a unique beautification due to its natural setting.

Ezeagu Tourist complex splendor is expressed by the almost 5km long Obinofia cave whose sheer size and compartments is awe striking.It is about 3000 years old. The cave has several tunnels branching out in different directions. Some of the tunnels are interconnected, often opening up into large chambers which are 2-3meters high and upto ten meters wide. The surrounding scape is a marriage of various land forms with unique weather condition and exotic vegetation.

Enugu the Coal City as it is popularly called is a place with interesting sites that would make any visitor want to stay behind, there are several destinations that can be appreciated and Ezeagu Tourist Complex is no doubt a tourist haven.

Nigeria is a wonderful country that welcomes you with genuine friendly smiles and diverse yet affordable attractions. For the reason, every year there are nearly all top airlines flying to Nigeria from London Heathrow to Lagos. Also, cheap flights to Lagos or Abuja are widely available with the new yet favorite airline Airik Airways direct flights.

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