Harare Sports Club Zimbabwe

Formerly known as “Salisbury Sports Club”, Harare Sports Club is the face of modern sports in Zimbabwe. Harare’s biggest cricket ground gained its popularity in Rhodesia and Zimbabwe shortly after its inaugural match. The cricket crazy Zimbabweans celebrated the country’s first ever test victory in 1994 at this very spot. Often referred as HSC, the Harare Sports Club saw Zimbabwe’s first Test in October 1992 and to date holds the title of country’s major Test and one-day venue. Despite the originally estimated capacity of 10,000 spectators, Harare Sports Club witnessed a crowd exceeding around 26,000 spectators in a match played by Rhodesia.

Harare Sports Club is a located at a beautiful proximity of presidential palace on one side and the prestigious Royal Harare Golf Club on another. It is a ground right in the heart of the city at one of the best commercial locations that makes it a perfect spot for recreational activities within easy access from top hotels and accommodations in Harare. Also, Harare being the ultimate gateway and capital of Zimbabwe is home to Harare international airport. Flights from all four corners of the world arrive in Harare and connect it with Johannesburg, Bulawayo and Victoria falls. The country’s flagship carrier “Air Zimbabwe” that offers best available and direct flights from London to Harare also has its head office in Harare. For tourists and Zimbabwean migrants in UK, it’s an excellent opportunity to get their hands on the cheapest air fares and flights to Harare, get accommodations in the city center and be only minutes away from the venue of world class matches.

Since its first role as a test venue in October 1992 in a match between Zimbabwe and India, Harare Sports Club remained a site of internationally acclaimed matches specially test cricket. It became a primary cricket venue for the country as followed by test matches, the pitch proved equally excellent for one day International. So far the pitch has not only won the hearts of test match lovers but also one day followers, a true yet rare combination that is complemented by the weather in Zimbabwe. The ground has an estimated capacity of around 10,000 that has the potential to be increased in great numbers through use of temporary stands. Although, it can not be compared with grounds in South Africa or other top notch stadiums, yet only with a little development and minor transformations it is a place that can easily be converted in a world’s bestest grounds.

Even in off seasons, Harare Sports Club tour offers a pleasant experience in summer evenings. The ground surrounded by jacaranda trees and with a beautiful gabled pavilion sweeps away the warm air and long day heat. The main social centre is the pavilion with its well liked bar, and Castle Corner towards the rear end. HSC is also home to the Zimbabwe Cricket Union and national cricket board.

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