Lake Malawi

Malawi is a wonderful, warm, friendly and welcoming country that offers visitors great scenery, interesting parks and some of the friendliest villagers in all of Africa.Lake Malawi forms most of the eastern border of Malawi. The lake is a great region of travelers. There are four busy ports and hundreds of fishing villages. However there are still many stretches that are completely deserted with plenty of sandy beaches.

The waters of the lake are beautifully clear , perfect for swimming and snorkeling among the thousands of species of colorful Cichlids(Popular as freshwater aquarium fish around the world). Golden beaches, sleepy fishing villages and plenty of budget accomodation makes Lake Malawi a favorite destination for backpackers and overlanders.The most popular areas are the Northern lakeshore and the Southern lakeshore. The Northern lakeshore has a beautiful bay surrounded by incredible Viphya mountain scenery and a rich history that allows you to relax and enjoy the epic views. The Southern lakeshore is equally beautiful with long sandy beaches and clear, warm water that is so inviting it is almost impossible not to go for a swim. It is a paradise for those who enjoy snorkeling, diving and ofcourse sunbathing. Scuba diving in Lake Malwi is like exploring a giant aquarium and being engulfed by a rainbow of fish.While you can sail, fish, ride horses and water-ski around the lake; everything is low key, quite affordable and relaxed. You can also cruise around the lake on the MV Ilala, basically a cargo ship but with some descent passenger cabins.

A section of the lake at Cape Maclear in the South has been declared the World’s first freshwater National Park and includes peninsula of land and several islands. The National Park is home to many hundreds of fish species nearly all endemic making it a key example of specialized evolution. For this characteristic it was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The sub-aqua life is also astounding animals like Cobalt zebra , Mumbo yellow, baboons, antelopes and hyrax can be seen . Bird watching is an absolute pleasure and can be bewildering, as there is sometimes too much to look at! The recreation site at Cape Maclear is well equipped and includes a resthouse, a bar, caravan and camping site.

Malawi is known as the “Heart of Africa” and Lake Malawi is the most obvious place to start a tour of Malawi. Flights to Malawi from London UK, fly daily and arrive at Lilongwe Airport. Also, cheap flights to Lilongwe Malawi are easily accessible if you are willing to spend a couple of hours at the internet and browse through the variety of cheap flights offers, early bird promotions or last minute flights to Lilongwe at affordable airfares.

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