Luxor, Egypt The Valley Of The Kings

The Valley Of The Kings also known as Biban el Moluk is an Egyptian Archeological locality in the hills immediately behind the west bank of Luxor- the tourist capital of Egypt. Inconspicuous and unassuming, the Valley of the Kings hides its secrets well. The grand pyramids of the earlier pharaohs proved too tempting to grave robbers, so from eighteenth to twentieth Dynasties, 26 pharaohs opted to build their tombs in the valley- it is therefore a remarkable archeological destinations in the world and a burial place of most of the pharaohs of Egypt of the New Kingdom.

The Valley of the Kings contains 64 known tombs-starting with Thutmose I and ending with RamsesX or XI, and undoubtly many more are nearby that have not been discovered. Most of them include magnificent friezes, many of which preserve the original colors despite 3000 years of aging. Some of the king’s tombs had room for other family members who died during their reigns. There are usually 30-40 open tombs, but there size varies a lot as well as the artistic level of the wall decorations. Most visitors will be satisfied by visiting 3-5 tombs , and a good experience is mostly decided by whether you can walk around a tomb by yourself or not. The tomb of Tutankhamen is the most famous.

The walls of the tombs are decorated with magical “book” like the “Book of the Underworld”, “Book of the Gates” and the “Book of Day and Nights”. All central for the king’s success in the afterlife.

In addition to visiting The Valley of the Kinga in Luxor, there are numerous activities that are considered by tourists as major attractions. Take a felucca ride at sunset and see a different Nile altogether. Or have a joyous ride on a camel back. Or touch the horizons as you have of those splendor rides on a balloon.

Like the rest of the Egypt, to get to Luxor international flights first arrive in Cairo Egypt’s capital. Flights from and to Cairo are usually available at cheap rates. Cheap direct flights are offered mainly by Egyptian airline “Egypt Airways” while indirect cheap flights to Egypt are available with other African airlines like the Air Afriqiyah.

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