Nigeria in its full bloom, don’t miss the Lagos Carnival

If you want to see Nigeria in its full bloom, don’t miss the Lagos Carnival. It an event that brings a rainbow of colors and rich smiles from all parts of the country, sparkled with celebrations, dances and much more that you will sure remember for a good long time.

Lagos Festival is celebrated enthusiastically every year in April, though the dates may vary and should be checked on the official site of the Festival. The Lagos Carnival is not only a wave of vibrancy among the nationals but also a popular international event. During the month of Carnival, the weather in Nigeria is pleasant and cheap flights to Lagos Nigeria are offered due to Easter time in European countries. It makes it just the perfect time for Nigerian settlers in the west to fly to their beloved homeland in cheap flights fares and affordable flights.

The Lagos carnival guarantees participation at all levels; from schools to the hotties in line to become “Queen of the Carnival” in the Lagos Beauty Pageant, there is something for everyone. What I like best is the gaily colored costumes, sparkling face paints, wings, feathers and most of all everybody having a time of their life! The most impressive thing I caught sight of was a lady in her late fifties, dressed as a gorgeous mermaid! Isn’t it just fabulous that events like this bring back life in people and trigger the memories that keep us alive and fresh.

Apart from the costumes and everybody doing what they long for, there is a lot more to the carnival…It is the exciting daces, African daces at their best. You really gotta watch that. And also, you are free to became a part of it, join in and keep shaking and shimmering carefree while you walk through the streets of Lagos.

What is most interesting for the kids is the Mascots and floats – some like huge gigantic fish, some other animals including octopus and even dragons and lions. Altogether Lagos Festival is the most enjoyable family outing that you can hope for.

The Carnival parades and floats traverse major streets in Lagos, Ikoyi and Victoria Islands, culminating at the Tafawa Balewa Square in a grand display. The participants are from all groups and ages, majorly secondary schools from all over Lagos State.

This year, don’t miss out on the carnival that rocks Nigeria like a hurricane. Be there to see one of the world’s most gleeful celebrations of colors and emotions, especially when you can get cheap flights to Nigeria, and distances of months travel have shrunk to countable hours, what are you waiting for?

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