A Visit To The Cultural Village “Dumazulu” South Africa

Dumazulu, is located in the heart of Zululand’s Kwa-Zulu natal region near Hluhluwe village, directly on the main tourist route, between the Kruger national park and Durban. Dumazulu is conveniently surrounded by the famous Hluhluwe-Umfolozi, Mkuzi and St Lucia parks, making it the ideal place for combine game viewing and cultural experience.

Dumazulu offers an authentic African cultural, a visit to the village is an experience of a lifetime. One of the Africa’s most prominent tribe is the Zulu nation, and they are renowned as expert craftsmen. Experience the tradition and language of the Zulu people, learn and interact with the living culture, one of our planet’s most indigenous cultures. The village consists of woven Zulu round huts, arranged according to a tradition in circle around the cattle kraal. It is home to over 50 Zulu residents forming part of a “living museum” and carry out old-age traditions.

The cultural experience culminates in spectacular and vibrant Zulu dancing. Adjacent to the kraal is the main dining area Shebeen (bar), a Zulu artifact curio shop, an indigenous snake pit, and a crocodile park with one of the largest crocodiles measuring 4 meters and weighing 350 kilograms. It is the only tourist’s Zulu village to be opened by King Goodwill Zwelithini – placing the royal Zulu stamp of approval on the objective and authenticity of Damazulu.

Near to Dumazulu is the oldest game reserve in Africa, Hluhluwe-Umfolozi. It is a paradise of game safaris. With strict conservation control over more than 100 years the game reserve boasts of a large population of rhino’s. Game in the region include; rhino, elephant, leopard, lion, buffalo, antelope, cheetah, hyena, hippo, crocodile and around 300 species of birds. The game reserve also offer walking safari which is very popular, as well as night safari from the various camps in the reserve. St. Lucia wetland reserve is the home of plenty of hippos and crocodiles as well as turtles. It is along the coast a little further to the south. During the months from June November, humpback whale pass along the coastline during their annual migration from their feeding ground in the Antarctic. A whale watching tour is highly recommended as it is promised to be a truly unique lifetime experience.

Thus Dumazulu is not only a cultural enriching experience for guests, but it also allows the local community to continue practicing their traditional ways of living. In other words, it depicts the true essence of Africa. Every year many tourists visit the peaceful paradise of Dumazulu. The gateway is usually Johannesburg International Airport as cheap flights to Johannesburg South Africa are easily available from London.

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