Ngorongoro Conservation Area Tanzania

The Ngorongoro Conservation area is often called “Africa’s Eden” and the 8th Natural Wonder of the World, a visit to the crater is the main draw card for tourists coming to Tanzania. The crater is said to have the densest concentration of wildlife in Africa. As such Ngorongoro crater has achieved world renown, and attracts a growing number of visitors each year.Ngorongoro is a huge caldera formed after the collapse of volcano, 250 square kilometers and 23 Kilometers wide. Its spectacular setting, a combination of rich plains, swamps, forests land and abundance of wildlife combines to make it the wonder of the natural word.

Ngorongoro crater is the best self-contained safari destination in the world. The crater floor is one of the most densely crowded game areas in the world and is home to about 30,000 animals. Mammals include Wildebeest, Zebra, Spotted Hyena, hunting Dogs, Gazelles, Hyena, Jackals, and primates like Mice and Grasshoppers. The crater has abundant yellow barked acacia trees making a home to Elephants, Baboons, Bushbucks, Waterbucks and velvet Monkey. The crater has the densest known population of Lions. The open grassland makes it easy to police, so it is also a stronghold for endangered species like Black Rhino and Cheetah. Animals are free to leave or enter the crater but most of them stay because of the plentiful water and food available throughout the year. Just outside the craters ridge, tall Masai herd their cattle’s and goats over green pastures, through the highland slopes, living alongside the wildlife as they have for centuries.

The floor has a number of wetland including the Munge River, Lake Makati and Lake Magadi. The Lakes are the attractive point to the Flamingos, Pelicans, Blacksmith Plover, African Cuckoo, Red-Eyed Dove and other water birds, over 300 species are recorded.

Once on the crater floor, most of the animals at Ngorongoro, whilst totally wild, are very used to vehicles. This makes it an ideal stop on any safari. The game viewing here is truly incredible, and the topography and views of the surrounding crater highlands out of this world. Within the crater walls there is a high possibility of tourists to sight the “Big Five”.

The hills, ridges and forests of the Highlands make for excellent walking country, best explored over several days. Hiking tracks through the Ngorongoro Conservation Area are increasingly popular option. There are numerous routes but a rewarding one takes you from the crater rim to Empakkai, with its own luminescent crater lake, and then down part of a rift valley wall past Oldonyo lengai to Lake Natron, making it a fantastic experience.

Visitors with an interest in Archaeology and history will be thrilled with the Oldupai Gorge region, which is east Africa’s most famous archeological area. The oldest recorded human remains were discovered in Oldupai Gorge in Ngorongoro Conservation Area. The museum and visitors center offer many opportunities to learn about and experience the treasures that are even yet being uncovered in Oldupai Gorge.

It is the splendor and marvelous attraction that make Tanzania one of the most visited places on earth. There are countless departures and arrivals in Tanzania each day, also cheap flights to Tanzania are available from all London and UK airports.

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