Zimbabwean Student Migration Issues & Airfares In UK

The Economic collapse of Zimbabwe did not even spare its Educational system, that once the country took pride in. The high rate of skilled & brainy’s migration broke the system’s future hopes for re-stabilization unless until the skilled and the qualified plan to return and serve their motherland. This however, only seems possible in a distant future.

The State Universities in Zimbabwe failed to open for the first semester of the 2008/2009 academic year which was supposed to resume last August, the medical school also remains closed. In a nut shell there is no choice for students except migration to countries where they can follow their objectives. Where some student have even migrated to Malawi for a cheaper education, a large number has either settled in UK or is in constant struggle to study and remain in UK for their professional growth..

The United Kingdom has always proven to be a favorite destination for many Zimbabwean students. However, with the recent amendments and changes in immigration rules of the UK Boarder agency, there is uncertainty among many whether the new laws support or discourage the high rate of Zimbabwean migration to UK.

Previously, the rules required that students should show an intention to return to their home country and must satisfy the Entry Clearance Officers. However, the positive thing about the new policy is the simple and precise “Point Based System” (please visit the FCO Uk site for accurate and up to date information on the subject). Why point based system is appreciated is because it is based on calculations and factual information and not on impressions or interviews. Applications for Student Visas are now being dealt under Tier 4 of the new points-based system. This system has a “case review” concept that has replaced the previous appeal system in case of refusals. It is believed that since the information is factual, only a review is sufficient to change or keep the decision or refusal.

Under the new policy, all universities and colleges that wish to recruit foreign students will require a sponsor license and all students will require a licensed sponsor. These new stricter rules are designed to protect the UK’s labor market and ensure that students and their educational establishments are legitimate and adhere to these new legal requirements. This is also a great move to secure students from bogus colleges, that not only cost, losing thousands of hard earned pounds, but also destroying the hope of lawfully living and studying in UK. We are optimistic that the new fact collecting point base system will make it easier for foreign students to undertake a course of study in UK.

With many Zimbabweans having settled in UK, the country remains a top destination for students. For qualified students, professionals and medical practitioners United Kingdom offers brighter chances of getting well paying jobs and a better standard of living. Also UK is connected with Zimbabwe with the country’s own flag ship carrier Air Zimbabwe. The living costs and air travel expenses for students can also be kept at the minimum since there are cheap accommodations, student hostels and cheap flights to Harare, Zimbabwe.

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