5 Reasons for Going to South Africa

I have read about South Africa, written about South Africa, experienced South Africa and explored South Africa for years now. Yet, I do not get tired of it. This amazing, wondrous, exciting, splendid and breath taking natural beauty is full of end less surprises. The beaches, the rock climbing, bonjy jumping, sight seeing, safaris, matches, I mean…come on name it and you have it. What is there that the fans of outing and sports long for and isn’t there in South Africa!

Here, I have chosen some of the biggest reasons that have drown me to this wondrous travel capital of the world.

(1) Beaches, Surfing and Water Sports in South Africa
We all know that South Africa has one of the world’s best beaches at numerous locations. The most prominent ones are in Cape Town. If you are a love bird seeking a lonely corner or you are people watcher crowd chasers running after the cool beach wares, you will easily find your dream beach in Cape Town. Unlike most Fareast regions, the water is so amazingly warm that it feels like taking a hot bath.

(2) Events Festivals and World Cup Matches
From cricket to Soccer, sports runs in the veins of South Africans. The people are very sporty them self and have a history of holding memorable matches. The record of hosting award shows, beauty competitions and film fares is also not bad at all. If you keep in touch with the sports calendar of South Africa, you may also get a chance to drop in any exciting event just by chance!

(3) Mountain Climbing and thrilling Sports
Rock Climbing, bonjy jumping, skiing, surfing, hiking, sky diving, the kind of sports that you can experience in South Africa are no where else. What makes your thrilling experience even more exciting is the beauty and enchantment added to it through the breath taking locations. Even a simple ride in a helicopter, to take a bird eye view or paratroping to be the bird yourself, all is there right in your approach to make a life time memory.

(4) Sight seeing and wildlife encounters
Swapping through the channels, every now and than you may have seen some wild life encounters, amazing videos, and almost half a dozen of them are shoot in Kruger National Park South Africa. The Safaris are of course the identity and crown of trip to South Africa.

(5) Museums and World Heritage
Various mining sights (the big hole – diamond mines) and castles (the castle of good hope – Cape Town) are widespread through this country of a legendry past.

(6) Added Advantage of nearby Locations
Another advantage that you shouldn’t neglect is to take a connecting flight from Johannesburg a check out the wonder of the world, “Victoria Falls”.

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