Buying cheap flights to Accra – Tricks of the trade

In 2010, getting cheap flights to Accra Ghana is a difficult task, more importantly because the rumors about of Ghana International airline, going bankrupt are on. Its the only direct flight to Accra, with the cheapest tickets to offer. However, every now and than there are incidents like flights getting cancelled or delayed or airlines going bankrupt, so the safer option is not to change your plans or select some expensive airline. But the right thing to do is to pay another 20 to 50 pounds on your flights and save your entire money by buying Airline Failure Insurances.

Now, let’s give a thought that how can we buy cheap flights to Accra Ghana in 2010? The answer is simple, if you know when the peak seasona is and when is the low season. But the complain most of my friends make is that they only get time off work during peak seasons (i.e. school holidays) so how can they save their money from paying high rates of peak season Surcharges. Well, in that case booking your flights at least 3-6 months ahead of time of the ultimate solution. The reason is simple, it is when the taxes are not that high and the surcharges are not released so you can end up saving a good deal on your flights if reserved timely. There are also some seasons when you can buy a flight for Accra starting with some 179 GBP exclusive of airport taxes. These are the low season like Feb, Oct, Nov, Jan simply any time other than an eve or school holidays.

Than comes the other questions, what are airport taxes? Or why should we pay airport taxes on flight tickets. As you may know that airlines offer fares as low as 179 GBP whereas when taxes are added on top of that which are nevertheless 200-250 GBP on most airlines the look of the entire “good deal” is changed and cheap tickets become expensive tickets. Regarding airport taxes, although there is not any pother option and the amount of tax remains nearly the same through out the year, the key is to select an airline that has least airport taxes such as Emirates whose taxes are barely some 90 GBP. In comparison to KLM where the taxes are about ¾ of the total fare. Some times even 298 or 300 GBP for some destinations.

Another ways of brining the price down is to fly from a cheaper departure airport. In other words the bigger the airport is the less tax there be. Cause there will be more airline and wider options to select from. Such as for most African Destination, Gatwick is the right airport to fly form. The cheapest airlines including Ghana International Airways and Afriqiyah Airways fly from Gatwick to Accra. However, in case of London Heathrow, there are fewer options for Accra such as KLM, Air France and Lufthansa. Departing from Birmingham however is completely out of focus for flights to Accra unless you are flying with KLM.

Last but not least, another way of getting your tickets cheaper fort Flights to Accra is to buy a promotional fare from some Travel Agencies that have special discount deals from the Airlines directly. That’s tight, Including Ghana International Airways, airline offer about 5-9 % off to travel agencies. That explains pretty well why travel agencies are cheaper than Airlines.

With these tricks of the trade, I am quite sure that your next flights to Accra will be the cheapest you ever bought.

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