The “Gold Coast” – Developments and Tourism Progress in Ghana

Ghana, formerly the country with a blazing title of “Gold Coast”, has its “sweat, blood and tears” in winning the right to live and survive in the world. The history of Ghana, on every chapter, has a blood shed, a painful tale and a strong passion to fight with dignity and strength. Ghana today is a living memoir of the people who lost their lives in constant struggle to find happiness and serenity for their people.

Besides, the hardships that time brought to the ancestors of Ghanaians, the people today, are amazingly welcoming and warm hearted. In Ghana the common greeting to be heard among most societies is an Akan word “Akwaaba”, meaning welcome. This is the most heartfelt and warmest greeting with which Ghanaians welcome the visitors to their country. If not the whole world, Ghanaians have been deemed the friendliest people of Africa. Their genuine friendly smiles just put you at ease and make you feel really at home. You do not realize for a second the phase in which this country is getting scarcely any air to breathe and survive, the Ghanaians are beautiful people to conceal their worries behind their smiles. However, on the positive side a Zimbabwean company is serious about setting up in Ghana to tap opportunities in the tourism sector, for the much anticipated developments in the country. The key requirement being met at present is the current political stability in the country. The CEO of African Sun Ltd., which is catalogued in the Zimbabwe stock Exchange, is pursuing to be included in Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), in order to raise enough funds for its projected investments in Ghana. This surely, if occurred, will take the tourism in Ghana at new Horizons. Quite like the history of Ghana Republic, Ghana may emerge once again as the “Gold Coast” in Africa and will attract the lime light from round the world.

Mr. Shingi Munyeza quoted in a speech that, the company will float 20% of its issued share capital on the JSE to raise funds for investments in Ghana. He also said that 27% of the company’s revenue comes from Ghana. He further stated that due to the country’s economic stability as well as the increased activities in the tourism industry, Ghana has become a conductive place for investment. They will be investing in a well known hotel, Holiday. A new hotel in Accra, Ghana the “Obama Hotel” is also a link in the chain for successful tourism upraise. The country’s national or flagship carrier, Ghana International airline, however, is at a crucial state currently, it is predicted that if GIA will survive the present downfall in the tourism sector, the long run stable future and progress of the airline will be guaranteed.

For the improvements in tourism, Ghana in comparison to other African Tourist destinations is not only a cheaper place to go but also a combo of perfect beach as well as safari holiday. Flights to Ghana are easily available through online revolutionary booking systems; prominent cheap flights to Accra, Ghana include Ghana International being the cheapest and Egypt Air, Afriqiyah Airways, KLM and British Airways the secondary choice for money savers. Ghana has very verdant vegetation; the spring season is characterized by rain. The rainy season showers color and everything including trees, flowers, and vegetation begins to bloom and spread freshness every where. The southern part Ghana is much lush and greener, certain parts of southern Ghana could only be described as beautiful “jungle.” Other prominent places worth a visit are;

Ghana Beach Accra, Kumkum national park, National Theater, Kintapo Falls, Akosombo dam, Aburi gardens, Museums and Cape coast castle.

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