The Blooming Bloemfontein South Africa

The beautiful and blooming city of Bloemfontein is the capital city of the Free State Province of South Africa as well as one of the nation’s three capitals, the judiciary capital. The city name “Bloemfontein”, is originated form Dutch language meaning “spring of Bloom (bloom)”, “flower spring” or “fountain of flowers”. What makes this city win such a poetic title is the splendor and magnificence in its state of the art architectural and natural locations.

With reference to some old dictionaries and encyclopedia, the city’s Sesotho name is “Mangaung” Manguang means “a place of cheetahs”, and indicates that the region must have formed an ideal habitat at for these creators before the human intruders. In recent times, Bloemfontein is also popularly and poetically known as “the city of roses”, owing to the abundance of these flowers and the annual rose festival held there each year.

Another amazing fact about Bloemfontein is that the city is situated on dry grassland. It is home to 369,568 residents, as per the last count we could possibly get and is served by the Bloemfontein airport. Daily flights to Bloemfontein fly form London UK, to Bloemfontein and connections through Johannesburg, Cape Town or Durban. The cheap flights to Bloemfontein are operated by certain Arab airline such as Qatar Airways, Etihad Airways, KLM and Air France. Among direct flights to Bloemfontein South Africa, actually the best option for cheap tickets to Bloemfontein is to find a flight to Johannesburg or Cape Town direct and than a connection to Bloemfontein. As there are no direct Bloemfontein flights but those direct to South Africa and than to Bloemfontein.

Tourists in Bloemfontein have the unique opportunity to interact with some of the world’ wildest creatures i.e., Cheetah, Lion, Leopard, Tiger as well as other animals that have been rescued at the Cheetah Experience in the suburb of Bainsvlei, only 5mins from the centre of Bloemfontein. Touching of animals is allowed, for it can be risky for the animal as well as our selves. However, coming face to face with these wild creatures outside of a zoo environment, in the most natural habitats is a once in a lifetime experience not to be missed. It is opportunities like this that make South Africa outshine rest of the Holiday destinations and make it the World capital of Tourism.

While on a trip in Bloemfontein, one can also enjoy a day or a sleep over at the Bloemfontein Zoo. Zoo Snoozes are only one of the activities arranged by Friends of the Bloemfontein Zoo. However, booking your place prior arrival or checking for tickets is suggested. Summer, autumn or winter, Tourists flock to Bloemfontein at large almost throughout the year. Another visiting point is the Boyden Observatory, a unique astronomy research and educational centre outside the city, offers public open evenings on certain nights during the year, arranged by the Friends of Boyden Observatory. Groups, School and college trips can also visit the observatory for exclusive evenings on appointment. Ahead the Naval Hill is the Franklin Game Reserve. It was named after John Franklin, South African Senator, attorney and Mayor of Bloemfontein in the 1930s and is also worth a visit in your next trip to Bloemfontein South Africa.

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