Rift Valley Ethiopia

Ethiopian Airline offers cheap direct flights to Addis Ababa while KLM, Air France and other carriers also sell cheap flights to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia at much cheaper rates than any other African destination of that potential. This not only makes Ethiopia a far less expensive holiday destination but also, it’s the reason why you can pan an exciting and affordable holiday to Ethiopia this year.

If you are wondering what will make your holiday fabulously enjoyable and as good as in any other Adventurous country, well there is a lot to see and much more to do in Ethiopia.

For instance, the Rift Valley Ethiopia is one striking feature of the continent not to be missed. Geographically speaking, it’s a huge gigantic tear across the earth’s surface that extends from the Middle East to the Mozambique passing right through Ethiopia blessing the country with its amazing features, picturesque lakes and volcanic cones.

Ethiopia is known for the volcanic cones in the Danakil Depression located to the north east. It is the high Volcanic Activity in the region that has contributed to most of the Rift Valley formation. The presence of hot springs in many parts of Ethiopia are also a major attractions and a must see at least once in a life time.

Apart from the hot springs and volcanoes, the string of some abundantly blessed lakes in the Rift Valley attracts a large number of tourists. To the south of the valley, two famous lakes “Chamo” and “Abaya” are most well known and beautiful. The lakes are located close to the Arba Minch, at around 90 km north of the Kinso’s remote lands at the bottom of 4,200 meters high Mount Gung. Many small lakes pour into the two larger lakes Abaya and Chamo. The location is the most picturesque and heavenly in Ethiopia, named “Bridge of Heaven” by dint of the division between the two lakes by a hilly ridge.

Also don’t forget to visit the Nechisar National Park only minutes away from the Arba Minch.

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