The Johannesburg Zoo South Africa

The Johannesburg Zoo first founded in the 1904 under the operation and ownership of Johannesburg city took off as a residency of 1 male lion, 1 male Baboon, 1 female Leopard, a pair of Indian Apes, 2 male Sable Antelope, 1 golden Eagle, 1 Insimba Cat, a pair of Porcupines, 1 female giraffe and old baboon row in the “Herman Eckstein Park”. Today, the splendid nonprofit establishment is providing home to 2070 animals of 365 species at a 54 hectares of land…Inspiringly!

It is a one of the very rare place on the face of earth where you can come across white lions and tawny lions. As tigers are not native in South Africa, the Johannesburg zoo has done a terrific job in breeding Siberian tigers successfully. Most interestingly, the zoo is home to Siberian Tiger “Twist” who is father of nearly all Siberian Tigers in South Africa and weighs a healthy 320 kg. Another celebrity of the zoo is “Max” a gorilla well liked by all young and old visitors.

The zoo is provides, ferry go round, Fun Fair rides and Hippo cars for the toddlers at maximum 10 to 30 R. The entrance fee of the zoo is also minimal 30 R for Children and 50 for the adults. The zoo remains open between 08:30 to 17:30 at last entry to be no later than 16:00 hours.

The Johannesburg zoo, is successfully working for the accommodation, enrichment, medical care and husbandry of the wild animals in good and close to nature environment. The zoo is popular for school trips, science students and youngsters for providing very informative guiding and night tours. The contribution of this zoo in protection of wild life, awareness and healthy entertainment to the society is remarkable.

Every year, Johannesburg city is toured by millions of tourists and most visited in the months of Summer school holidays in the west. During the School holidays in July and December Cheap flights to Johannesburg South Africa are most available with top airlines at affordable special discount air fares.

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