Diani Beach Kenya

Kenya is one of the world’s best destinations to explore wild life and fabulous beaches. Also, topped with reasonably priced accommodations, in comparison to any other holiday destination and easy accessibility of  cheap flights to Kenya, it’s not only a perfect vacation spot but also affordable for all budgets.

Fame of Kenya beaches is not as wide as the wildlife. Yet they offer so many adventure activities. Everyone who visits Kenya never forgets to visit these charming beaches in addition to wildlife.

Diani Beach is a vibrant, intimate little paradise on the quite shores of the Indian Ocean just south of Mombasa. With swaying palms and soft, white sand caressed by glittering, turquoise water- Diani beach has many of the ingredients of the perfect tropical holiday destination.

It is the most developed beach on Kenya’s south coast with hotels, self -catering resorts, banks, curio shops, super markets and hustlers. This area is known for its coral reefs, the closely located Shimba Hills National Reserve and for its Black and White Colobus monkeys.

The strong coastal winds provide excellent kite and windsurfing conditions. It is fast becoming popular as a global kite surfing location. Diani offers water sports like sailing, snorkeling, waterskiing, parasailing and scuba diving all easily available from most of the hotels along the beach.

Behind the beach are tracts of original forest where you will find baboons, black and white colobus monkeys and birds, the most extensive of these forests is Jadini.

If you are looking for deck chair, sun, discos and nightlife in Kenya, this is the place for you. The after dark entertainment scene in Diani Beach is thoroughly tourist oriented, centered on the resort hotels: most of these have nightly music and dance shows featuring local talent, followed by discos ranging from the glitzy to the downright cheesy.

At Diani Beach you will find white beaches, palm trees and coral reefs to explore by day and clubs to wade through by night.

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