Mafia Island Tanzania

The Quintessential Indian Ocean tropical paradise, lying off the mouth of the Rufiji River in Southern Tanzania, Mafia Island is a part of protected marine park, with superb diving opportunities, as well as spotless beaches and timeless villages, this really is the perfect island treat.The beaches are relaxed and secluded, and there are plenty of sandbanks that can be reached by boat for a truly private experience. One can enjoy sunbathing and water sports in the warm waters of Indian Ocean.

The Mafia Archipelago and delta of Rufiji River form one of the most interesting marine ecosystems and coral reefs in the world. The reef offers a range of corals and fish like no other in the Indian Ocean, and diving and snorkeling sites are just a short boat ride away. It also claims to have resident whale sharks….something which bring divers in from around the world. Diving here includes colorful coral gardens, walls at various levels and many shelves and coral heads.

For the fisherman there is a big game-fishing, light inshore fishing and bottom fishing from fully equipped boats. It is no doubt a paradise for fishermen with over 400 fish species.Isolated islets and beaches, lagoons, coves and channels provide many private swimming and picnicking hideaways. Chloe bay is perfect for windsurfing and laser sailing.Bird watching is excellent and very different to the mainland parks that guests may have visited.

Mafia Island is a really sleepy backwater, a slice of an old Swahili coast, where local people go about their traditional way of life almost undisturbed by the outside world. Also, Holidays in Tanzania can be booked in affordable prices as many cheap flights to Zanzibar, Tanzania from London UK are available during Early bird sale and last minute cheap flights offers.

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