The Forgotten Eight Wonder – Lalibela Ethiopia

Ethiopia is the new African continent’s gem, s must add to your “places to see” list for Ethiopia is not only blessed with some of the world’s most exciting locations, landscapes and architectural wonders but also its one of the cheapest destination. Cheap flights to Addis Ababa Ethiopia, are available both direct and indirect form London at very reasonable flight fares with low cost airlines.

Ethiopia also has a forgotten eighth wonder of the world in its laps, and that’s “Lalibela”. If you are not familiar with the name than let me tell you that you should remember it as once you are there it will stick to your memories of the most spectacular places you have ever seen.

In the heart of an extensive complex of rock churches in the Lasta area of Wello, situates a medieval settlement Lalibela. The Zagwe Dynasty King “Lalibela” in the late 12th and 13th century holds the credit for 11 remarkable churches. There is Rock-hewn monolithic, semi monolithic and cave built structures that will catch your eyes and your camera flashes, the most picturesque you can find. What makes them stand out any other structure of the sort is that they are carved indie and out, of one solid rock. For those who have seen the majestic monuments, these churches deserve the title of the 8th wonder of the world.

Each and every one of the buildings holds uniqueness and reflects beautifully executed craftsmanship. Like a final stroke of a masterpiece creator, they are ornamented with fascinating paintings that add to the superb theme the architecture carries.

Out of them, Beta Medhane Alem, the House of the Savior of the World; Beta Ghenetta Mariam, the House of Mary; Beta Ammanuel, the House of Emanuel; and Beta Ghiorghis, the House of St George are completely free-standing structures and only attached to the surrounding rock by their bases.

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