Big Plans Small Suit Case – South Africa Packing Advice

Do you panic when packing your suitcase for an international travel? Especially when going for more than a week and destination you have never been before? Or you have problems in finding what to wear and what not, how the weather is and most importantly if how much free baggage allowances your flights may allow……

Whether men or women, young or old, we all experience some problems while packing a suit case for holidays. Oldies are more concerned about not to forget their meds and travel insurance, while youngsters want to pack the most clicking beach wear, the adventurer types want their sporting stuff to fit in the free baggage allowance somehow, while the toddlers find it hard to leave their blankie and teddy alone back home.

The priorities for a perfect packing differ from person to person, ages, destinations, and weather so here we are sharing the MUSTs in your suitcase if traveling to your favorite travel capital South Africa.

Firstly, you may get cheap flights to South Africa out of the plentiful low cost airline, but never to forget the recession, airline bankruptcies and flight cancellations; one should always buy airline failure insurance. Health insurance can only be another additional benefit. However, as far as medicines are concerned, remember only a limited proportion of liquids are allowed in hand luggage so put them in your big bag and only carry minimal amounts in your hands if essential, along with a prescription as that may be demanded by the airport check in authorities.

Also prepare a check list of your medicines and first aid and only carry limited amount of all meds, only as much as you may require during a 7 or 14 day stay. No need to pack in the whole first aid kit as it is!

Secondly, put the dresses, trousers that can be defined by “TYPE” and not your personal favorites. Such as, a pair of Khakis (brown or camel), one formal “wrinkle free trousers” (party wear), a cool jeans and shorts or thin comfy trousers. For shirts, do the same formula, don’t forget to keep a collar shirt as some eating / clubbing places allow formal only. A light weight jacket is also not bad for the nights can be chilly. This leaves you with three trousers / shorts and a beach wear to pack only. Don’t forget to keep your feet comfy, formal shoes (black) and hiking boots (above ankle) are best combination. For women, keeping at least one evening / ball gown is a must. Even if you don’t plan on going to formal places, you may make friends or get invites …

Others not to be forgotten items include, sun glasses, a sun hat, a sunscreen/sun block, mosquito repellant (spray on or lotion), antibacterial pills / painkillers, a camera, photo films, hair bands / hair catchers (more than one) – Also if your children are traveling with you don’t insist on leaving the teddy or blankie home for children may develop depression, fever or frustration that can ruin every one’s holiday except for the teddy back home.

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