The Festivals Zimbabwe

If you are on a trip to Zimbabwe in the coming summer vocations, whether with your family or just going alone to meet your pals back home, or just an adventurer in quest to explore some thing new, vigorous and exciting …. The best thing to do is to take a look at the events calendar of Zimbabwe 2010, and keep a note of all the upcoming festivals full of colors, excitements and a rich history.

Africa is known round the globe for its colorful culture, electrifying festivals and rich traditions celebrated through out the continent. In comparison to many other hot and happening destinations in the world, most amazingly, it is not so expensive; rather, it can fit almost any budget and pocket. Nowadays, the fall in tourism due to inflation and recession, had urged many airlines to drop prices and offer cheap flights to Zimbabwe. Including the flagship carrier Air Zimbabwe, most airlines have joined the league and there are many deals available in the market for all kinds of direct and indirect cheap flights to Zimbabwe from UK.

It is generally stated that Zimbabwe is not a very safe country to freely roam around, but if you have relatives there, traveling with a group or have a trust worthy guide, than that’s all you need to hang on to. Just be careful and do not do any thing far too adventurous to fall in a trouble or don’t be open or expressive to strangers. It is all that can keep you safe while exploring the streets and attractions of the city. Besides also, leave your expensive possessions safe and only keep enough money with you that you need. Walking empty pocket is also not suggested as this ensures your safety in another psychological way.

Coming to the point, we celebrate almost every thing in Zimbabwe. The people in Zimbabwe only need a reason to merry making and spread joy. Whether it is the harvest time, the first rain, the valentine or the Easter, there is an array of celebrations, fun fairs and feats are held for family get together and guests are welcomed with open arms. These festivals are not only a means of keeping the traditions alive, not letting the history fade away from minds, but also they keep the family together and minimize the distances.

In these summer vocations, if you do not want to miss the true taste and flavor of Zimbabwe culture and traditions, keep an eye on the coming Music and Dance festivals in August. The Zimbabwean Music Festival is an annual celebration of Zimbabwean music and culture, also celebrated in the USA.

Other Festivals and Events in Zimbabwe include Christmas celebrations, New Year and the Harare International Festival of Arts.

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