Blood Diamonds Zimbabwe

The capital of Zimbabwe, Harare witnesses thousands of tourists each year visiting the country for its close proximity with Victoria Falls, South Africa and top of the world tourist attractions. In comparison to the big names in tourist destinations, travelling to Zimbabwe is considerably cheaper. Several low cost airlines offer cheap flights to Harare, Zimbabwe making the journey both comfortable and affordable. The increased rate of tourism in Zimbabwe is mostly by dint of the affordability of flights and accommodations for Western Europeans. However, when we talk about shopping form Zimbabwe, the major goods are handicrafts and diamonds – blood diamonds.

The “blood Diamonds” are different form ordinary diamonds as they have “bloodshed” involved in their journey from the heart of the mine to the ornamentation of a woman.

A vast majority of buyers are never concerned about the source of the diamonds; it is one thing that matters most. It is the reason that 90% of African children are losing their childhood at the hand of diamond traders. How come we never notice, that countries that are hub of largest diamond mines, also have the largest population living below poverty line …why? Of course, their natural blessing has become a curse for them as people are tortured, kept in captivity and forced labor for more than 11 hours a day without food and water, those who resist are tortured or even murdered, some are converted into living examples of fear as they chop of their limbs brutally, their women are raped and children snatched away from the laps of their mothers to be turned into the vicious army or made to work for the rest of their life ……all this to bring out the diamonds for western consumers. The question is, can even the biggest diamond on earth be worth of a human life, a chopped of limb, innocence of childhood or a woman’s honor?

The dilemma of the situation is one way or other; we are all a part of this biggest crime on a nation. For those who buy diamonds without getting into the details of their source, for those who listen and ignore, for those who cherish diamonds more than a life – Life that is a miracle from the moment it is transformed from a nameless cell to flesh and bone, the years it takes to become a child from an infant, the dreams it believes in and the hopes that sparkle in the eyes – all that is shattered only for a glittering stone, we call Diamond!

It is an onus upon us, to make sure that we play our role by simply asking the source of diamonds, looking for proof, a valid and authentic purchase, and if the sellers fail to prove it …..No diamond is worth a human life.

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