Rainbow Nation, Rainbow Cuisine – South Africa

Nelson Mandela’s rainbow nation reflects its true colors of uniformity, enthusiasm and passion in its electrifying festivals, memorable events and food that tells the tale of multicultural, multiethnic, blend of a powerful nation.Out of the many pleasant memories that you bring back home, the most unforgettable is the mouth watering South African cuisine. The aroma, the taste, the luscious texture and flavor that differs every ten kilometers……makes South African cuisines full of variety and class. Most common dishes are now a merger and influenced by settlers, indigenous and migrant’s cultures and traditions of cookery. Sometimes there is one dish that is cooked in three different ways, and each of them is just Wolah!

In South Africa there are uncountable food and wine festivals, something is going on nearly throughout the year. So, those keen to get a taste of South African festivity, the best time is to fly in September close to the national heritage day, when barbecues are the top of the list. Also cheap flights to South Africa from London, United Kingdom are most readily available during these months.

In South Africa, eating out is part of the culture. The polyglot cuisines are equally popular in tourists and visitors from the West who can feast on not only South African traditional dishes but also their modern interpretations.

The lined up restaurants along the famous beach sides in Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg have all sorts of sitting arrangements. On a hot day you can sit inside and stare at the pedestrians, the far off horizon and the turquoise beach from inside the glass window of a posh and air-conditioned restaurant. On a pleasant night, you can enjoy the cold breeze sitting on a hotel terrace with classic South African wine. Or make your evenings extra special watching the sun set in the sea, while sitting outside, under the palm trees, in an open air cafe’.

Similarly, the variety served in South African hotels is ample; you can get Moroccan, Chinese, West African, Congolese, Japanese or Thai. Also, home grown Chinese restaurants are gaining more popularity these days such as the Dulce Café and Spur, where the South African style Chinese food is a choice hard to resist.

For the kidos, a range of fast food restaurant is just the place. McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Nando’s, star bucks and Steers restaurants are nearly in every nook and corner of big cities and larger towns in South Africa. Local chains, such as Nando’s, have successfully gone international and now opened in other countries as well.

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