Sof omar Caves – Ethiopia

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Ethiopia is home to several attractions that are attractive in their own way. Such as the caves of Sof Omar. If you have been to the Cape Town caves and cradle of human kind, world heritage site, you will find the Sof Omar caves quite interesting as well.

The Sof Omar caves are located in the region called “Bale” in the South East of the country. The caves region, with a small population is also known as “Sof Omar” said to have been named after a Sheikh “Omar”. The village’s vast majority is Muslim. Geologically, this amazing complex of natural caves was formed by Weyb River as it cut its way through the nearby mountains.

While on your way to the caves, you should be armed with torches, first aid box, water, cave helmet, an official map and also a camera and photo roll – for what you will see you will like to save the moments!

Sof Omar Caves are not mostly narrow and one can make their way underground farther into the bowels of the earth, conveniently. The caves are extraordinary and stunning as you will come across some stunning arched portals, high eroded ceilings, deep echoing chambers and a subterranean stream. Also, don’t forget to check the weather forecast before leaving for the caves; monsoon may not be a good idea!

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