Matobo Hills And Matobo National Park Bulawayo Zimbabwe

Bulawayo and Matobo Hills has long been recognized as an area of exceptional beauty. Matobo Hills and Matobo National Park is situated at a one hour drive from Bulawayo. The Matobo National Park is home to lovely Matobo Hills. This small easily accessible game park contains some of the region’s most arresting scenery. It is a spectacular area- very easily reached by car from Bulawayo or by air.

Motobo Hills were formed over 2000 million years ago; they are a visual wonder of giant ancient granite formations and balancing boulders, or Kopjes as they are called locally. The extra ordinary Motobo Hills are full of hidden caves, sacred places and Bushman paintings. The Rock art is some of the best in Southern Africa, showing an incredible diversity and animation. Today the hills are the spiritual home of the Matabele people and a visit to a local village will bring you up to date with present day tribal culture in this area.

Matobo Hills are a wealth of historical sights: The Bambata caves, The Cyrene Mission decorated dwellings, Fort Usher where Baden-Powell conceived his idea for the British Boy Scout movement and Worlds view.

Matobo National Park is a world cultural heritage site. A Zimbabwe Safari here offers the visitor much game viewing and spectacular views. About 100 square kilometers of the western portion of the park is a designated game park, stocked with many animals, most notably the white and black rhino, Sable antelope, impala, giraffe, zebra, jackal, wildebeest, ostrich and leopard thrive here. The richness of park can also be seen from the diverse birdlife. The park is famous for its large concentration of black eagle and there are 32 species of raptor. Today Matobo National Park is one of Zimbabwe’s prime wildlife sanctuaries. National Park also has trees and shrubs that are unique to the area.
Within the National Park the galleries are signposted and directions and maps are available. The exhibitions in museum are numerous and amazing. Despite their antiquity many of the depictions are well preserved and worth a visit.

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