Ghanian Visa Requirements For British Nationals

Every year, there are many who travel to Accra, Ghana from London Heathrow, a quest for Cheap Flights to Accra and a run in the race of low cost airlines is not new to the travel market of Ghana. The reason is a vast majority of travelers flying from the United Kingdom to Ghana are those who have migrated to the UK, or their forefathers did at least. There is always a uncertainty about visa requirements for British Nationals to fly to Ghana, as some say that no Visa is required what so ever while others say a visa on arrival should be sought. Here we have collected the information about visa requirements for British Nationals to travel to Accra, Ghana and also who does and who does not need a visa, also, if there exists a visa on arrival for Ghana.

Answer to the Question one, British Nationals do require a Visa as well as a return tickets to verify and guarantee their return back to the country within the validity of the visa. Also, a Valid Passport should be possessed by the traveler that should not expire during his stay duration in Ghana and must have enough pages for immigration stamps (usually 2 pages required).

Then is the second and most vital information, now that we know that British Nationals require a valid passport, a return ticket as well as a visa to travel to Ghana than who are those exempted of a Visa?

Firstly, if you are having a transit / flying through Ghana and stopping over for less than 24 hours, not leaving the airport premises, you do not require a visa. However one must possess onward tickets to carry out such a journey.

Secondly, tourists with entry permits and nationality of any of the common wealth countries considering the return trip is for less than six months can also exempt formal visa.

Lastly, let me also tell you that Visa for a singly to multiple entry for less than six months costs around 40 to 50 pounds while for a year valid you’ll pay nearly 60 GBP, A multiple entry for a period of two years requires 70 GBP and a transit for more than 24 hours stay costs about 10 pounds only. Here let me emphasis the longer the duration of your visit, whether Business or Tourism, the stronger documents and finances confirmation you will be required to submit. However, on average there is rarely any refusal from Ghanaian Embassy in UK.

Important to remember, take this information for an outline only and always check the embassy’s own website ending on country domain to check updated requirements. Also If traveling with a child and you are a single parent please note that the country may require valid documentary evidence of parental responsibility before allowing lone parents to enter the country. Visas can be extended if need be while you are in Ghana.

As far as itineraries and cheap flight tickets to Accra, Ghana are required, it is highly recommended to book flights that allow one date change at least or minimal ticket cancellation charges, incase if you are not granted visa due to any reason. For more on Visas call the relevant High Commission, Embassy or Consulate of Ghana in your country.

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