Drunks stole cash to get flights to South Africa

Two drunks locked in a pub conceived a wacky plan to watch the World Cup by swiping nearly £6,000 from the safe and getting flights  to South Africa.Barman Michael Frampton, 20, and regular customer George Warner had been boozing with landlord Michael Simmonds at the Wall, Tavern, Whitstable through an all night lock in.When Mr Simmonds went to sleep they raided the pub safe, Canterbury Magistrates were told.

They took £5,773 from the safe as Frampton, of Nightingale Avenue, Whitstable, had the key, and called a taxi to take them to Manston Airport.

The pair didn’t realise the only passenger flights they were likely to get were to Edinburgh or Jersey and the only intercontinental flights were cargo only.

So the dozy drunks got the cab driver to take them to Gatwick where they bought tickets to Turkey intending to get an onward flight to South Africa.

They were grabbed by officers as they attempted to board.

Alan Balneaves, defending Warner, 27, of Argyll Road, Whitstable said: “They got drunk and decided to go and see the England versus Germany match. They started drinking at 1pm on the Saturday and were still at it at 5.30 the following morning.

“My client has a serious heart condition which means he can’t fly. He was so drunk he forgot this. He could have died on the flight to South Africa. It was a highly impulsive act.”

Debbie Pizzey, defending Frampton said: “Once they were off to the airport my client was at the point of no return although they first went to an airport they couldn’t travel from.”Both men admitted theft and the case was adjourned until September 9 for probation reports.

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