British Airways offers cheap flights from Ghana

The B.A. Ghana branch manager – Paul Dhami said that the airliner is pleased to be at the forefront of newest technology. British-Airways He said: “British Airline’s official website is the evidence of strong BA progress and firm relationships with its clients to offer new packages.” Dhami further emphasized on the flexibility of the website and said that the pages are more of a one stop shop for prime customers. The website itself encourages clients to go ahead and select their seats, orders, meals and timings.

The Standard Chartered Bank – SCB collaborated with the British Airline to book flights in 2007. The whole system was taken online and since then, customer complaints have always been kept to a minimum. Nowadays, due to immense success of BA ecommerce solutions, even travel agents and small time agencies prefer using the British Airlines website.

On daily basis, over 25000 customers log in on the Ba.Com main page. Normal queries include checking in on flight schedules, reservations, boarding tickets and IPN numbers. And that’s not all, British Airlines also offers text messaging based services to the pre registered clients.

So British Airlines makes all possible to benefit the interests of its customers and look like it will never stop.

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