Windhoek – The Capital Of Namibia

Whether this is your first trip to Namibia or not, there is no shortage of things to do and see in Namibia. Most of Namibia is Savannah. You can find tree and bush Savannahs next to sand desserts and stone deserts. It boasts remarkable natural attractions that generate a magnetic pull for tourists form round the world. It is why, the first thing you should do is plan your trip, book your flights in advance as cheap flights to Namibia are hard to find at last minute.

Windhoek is Namibia’s capital city and is situated in the central highlands, surrounded by the Eros and Auas mountains. It is bustling cosmopolitan city with good hotels, sophisticated shops and convivial bistros. It is the geographical heart and commercial nerve centre, with an ethnic mix of people.

Windhoek is a blend of old and new- an African city with colonial German roots still very much in evidence. Some interesting buildings and monuments are representative of the colonial era, while others celebrate Namibia’s independence. One of the main attractions in Windhoek, the beautiful Neo-Romantic style Evangelic-Lutheran Christuskirche was built in 1910. Tintenpalast is the seat of the chamber of Namibian Parliament, the

National assembly and the National council. The oldest building, the Alte Feste serves now as a National Museum of Namibia exhibiting Namibia’s cultural history. Some other historical buildings are Windhoek Central Railway Station, Old Prison in Goethe Street, Turnhalle building in Bahnhof Street and Elizabeth House to name few.
Twyfelfontein, translated as “Doubtful Fountain”, is famous for its prehistoric rock paintings and engravings. It boasts the largest concentration of ancient rock art in the country. Brandberg is also famous for its thousands of rock paintings and engravings, especially the “White Lady” which is estimated to be about 2000 years old.

It’s a pleasant clean city with many shops and good restaurants and lively bars – to spend your night with full entertainment. The German influence is not only apparent in the architecture and colonial style buildings, but is evident in the food and locally brewed beer. Polony and Sauerkraut are available on the menu along with local food items, making it an excellent base camp from which to launch your Namibian adventure.
While Windhoek provides almost as much action as Namibia has to offer, vibrant probably isn’t the best word to describe this surprisingly staid and orderly capital city. Its distinct life and culture becomes more fascinating the more time you spend there.

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