GHADAMIS LIBYA, Jewel of Sahara

Libya is a fascinating mix of history, culture and desert life. It is a charming and energetic country with lots to offer visitors. Most importantly, cheap flights to Libya are more easily and widely available in comparison to other destinations of such splendor.Ghadamis is a beautiful oasis town, located in northwestern Libya, near the Tunisian and Algerian border. The beauty of this town makes it truly one of the jewels of Sahara.

Ghadamis, the old part of the town, with its covered streets and whitewashed houses, is surrounded by a large wall. Within these walls various ethnic groups are represented, each having their own customs and traditions. It was inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage site in 1986.

Ghadamis is characterized by a typical desert climate, it experiences huge variations in the day and night temperatures. October to April is the best time to visit this place. You will be in the hands of nature and in the arms of the sand dunes where the moon will eliminate your night and you will have great talking with the stars. There are natural lakes with salty water in the middle of the desert.

The town is extremely fascinating with a rich history. Built in the seventh century, it was once the southernmost outpost of the Roman Empire, whose ruins remain. Great impact of Christianity and Islam can be seen throughout its history.

Ghadamis is known for its traditional and colorful arts and crafts, travelling caravans as well as the auspicious camel rides. The town bear witness to Berber artistry. Following the traditions, houses in Ghadamis are made out of mud, lime and palm tree trunks with covered alleyways between them to offer good shelter against summer heat. The roof of the houses acts like another town with complete open streets and lanes, exclusively used by women, to move from one house to another and from one area to another. The architecture of the homes is a major attraction. Visit it before it becomes a tourist trap.

Have you ever heard of the phrase “watch the sunset over the sand dunes of “Ghadamis”. This phrase literally means that this place and its wonderful sunset requires a visit, which will make your evenings memorable.

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