Mount Cameroon

Cameroon is one of the most diverse countries in Africa and often referred to as “Africa in miniature”. Tourist destinations in Cameroon are quite a few and each one of these places is worth visiting. Natural features include beaches, deserts, mountains, rainforests and savannas.Explore the highest mountain of west and central Africa- Mount Cameroon- with its unique and breathtaking landscapes. It is visited every year by thousands of tourists and researchers.

Mount Cameroon is a stratovolcano, it is known as Mount Faka and “Chariot of the Gods”. Cameroon has erupted six times this century, most recently in the spring of 1999. While visiting, you might be able to see its summit emerge from the clouds.November to December is the best season to enjoy Mt.Cameroon trekking tours. Its treks are really enjoyable but only if there is a proper guide who can assist at each and every step. The hikers can also use the tin-roofed huts for sleeping during night.

Snow occasionally fall on the summit region and it is possible that for a short time following these snowfalls, the summit cone of Mount Cameroon might just be skiable.

The biodiversity of Mount Cameroon is quite appreciable and the region features the peculiar diversity and endemism of flora and fauna. It is one of few places where natural vegetation exists from the coast to subalpine elevations. Forty nine plants, endemic to Mount Cameroon have been identified; also it is a unique ecotourism site with a huge range of habitats to explore and wildlife to see.

Thousands of daring competitors from across the world participate in a race up its rocky slopes each year. Most of the runners come for fun and not just to win the prize money pledged by various business outfits.

Cameroon tours can never be complete without a visit to Mount Cameroon. It is an affordable yet luxurious holiday destination. Cheap flights to  Cameroon fly from nearly all major destinations worldwide.

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