Handy tips to get cheap flights to South Africa

South African Airways is South Africa’s biggest airline, both domestically and internationally. In the past, almost all of South Africa’s domestic flights were on South African Airways, the national carrier. It totally dominated the local market. Now there are at least three other airlines you need to look at – Mango, kulula, 1 time. If you want to save money on  flights to South Africa you need to check these airlines out.

Now airlines charge for paper tickets so go with the flow, avoid the increasingly common airline fee for issuing paper tickets. Use the e ticket, you don’t have to worry about looking your ticket and you save money too.The best airfares are when you are willing to travel in the middle of the day, in the early morning or late at night. Also take a look at Tuesday, Wednesday flights. The principle behind all of this is you want to travel when the businessman or woman is not. Since most of the domestic airline traffic in South Africa is business, when businessmen aren’t traveling the airlines have more seats to discount.

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