Flying to Botswana? Here are the Travel Tips

If you are done reserving your flights to Botswana here are some travel tips that can make you fly safe and sleep sound.

    The first thing to remember read about the local customs and respect them.  more traditional life Seek permission before taking someone’s picture specially in rural areas Photography of national buildings, airports and military buildings may get you in trouble, so better not try it. Casual wear is accepted throughout in the country. Banks are better option to get your currency exchanged but they only remain open between 8 a.m. to 12 n.n. Travelers’ checks are more widely accepted than Credit cards. Also, keeping travelers’ check is safer too. Botswana has a dry season and a wet season. The best time to visit, of course, is the dry season that runs from May to August. The months of August and July are the busiest as its holiday season in the west. For cheap flights to Botswana, get a connecting flight and always reserve in advance as there are very limited number of low cost airlines offering flights to Gaborone, Botswana capital. Food in Botswana includes dishes mainly based on simpler millet and sorghum porridge, morama, a large tuber, mealies, or ears of corn, and the more exotic Kalahari truffle or mopane worm. Kgadi, distilled brown sugar, and bojalwa, a sorghum beer, are both popular. Tips are accepted in city hotels, usually about 10% of the billing amount. Possession of any kind of drug will get you in deep trouble as its strictly illegal throughout the country. Stay alert when and where you are parking your vehicle as carjacking is becoming more common in Botswana. Do not walk alone in dark or at deserted streets. Driving at night may combine fast highways with slow moving wild animals in the back country so stay cautious. Also, whatever the country’s political system is and who ever is right or wrong, remain a peaceful tourist and do not participate in discussion on races, politics or religions. Follow the directions as laid out in city guides and often written on notice boards at public or tourist sites.
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