Planning to see splendid beauty of Africa, visit Ethiopia!

The sheer African beauty, land of splendid gorges, enigmatic mountains, strings of silver lakes and musical rivers – Welcome to Ethiopia. Ethiopia is one place that has all the love and the extremes of Africa. Whether it is the burning deserts or the escarpments that plunge down from its highlands there is no limit, no calculation and no boundary to what you can have and what you can do in the land called Ethiopia. It is the master piece carved by the hands of Blue Nile, blessed with greatest and astounding gorges, which are very special to this country and incomparable with any other.

Apart from what God has abundantly scattered all over this country to beautify and garnish it, there is a lot that can be termed as manmade wonders. Such as the ancient and medieval monuments, where histories are embedded in the stone walls of the primeval.

What you can find here, is a new chapter of history, while unveiling the long forgotten tales of the land of Sheba, and of Axum and Lalibela. Ethiopia was a Christian country even, before any of Europe; however despite its deep rooted Christianity, Europeans only came to know of its very existence a thousand years or later. The Ark of the Covenant, Lake Tana (source of the Blue Nile River), relics of Axum, seat of Sheba’s legendary empire, Danakil Depression (one of the world’s lowest points), the Simien and Bale Mountains, southern grasslands and game reservoirs – are only the introduction to this land of wonder and surprise.

Another aspect, that we cannot ignore while talking about this amazing country is the “Great Rift Valley” that flows in the heart and extends further beyond, dissecting through the middle of the country. The history of Ethiopia is as old as time itself; the country has tales and marks that are living evidence of the Old Testament.

The flora and fauna, birds and wildlife in Ethiopia is as good as you can expect from a country flourishing in the heart of African Continent.  Its uniqueness sets it apart from all else.

Ethiopia’s beauty is further decorated and complemented with its proud and colorful cultures, the people who focus on their similarities and not differences, an array of different ethics proving that almost any culture or religion can co-exist here in perfect harmony with each other. It is a warm host to all travelers and you are welcomed here with any budget. You can find an affordable accommodation, get cheap flights to Ethiopia or indulge in the most memorable experiences, affordably.

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