African flights winter schedule for 2010-2011 announced by KLM

According to a recent press release by KLM airlines, one of the major carrier operating cheap flights to South Africa, the new winter schedule 2010-2011 has been released.

In this announcement made today, the airline has declared that over the past few months there has been a net improvement in air traveler numbers, comparison to the last year. However, high yield traffic has still not recovered to pre-crises level.  On the basis of these estimations the Air France KLM group has raised the winters schedule capacity by 3.3% measured in available seat kilometers (ASK) in comparison the previous year’s ASK.

Air France KLM group has also seen a hike in the groups’ long haul activity this year that went up by 4.1%. However the activity at medium haul routes gained stability at 0.5%.

The Royal Dutch KLM Airline winter schedule for years 2010 – 2011 will be in effect from end of month October 31st, 2010. The new schedule is characterized by subtle growth that still remains below pre-crisis production levels. As per the Press release today, the airline has stated that it may selectively re-instate capacity in markets that show most promising signs of recovery.

Since, the FIFA world cup 2010 the ratio of air travelers and flights to South Africa has dropped tremendously. The new emerging markets showing a constant and steady growth at the moment remain Australia and China. While Thailand is also facing a crucial time for its travel market as there has been a decline in travelers to Bangkok mainly because of the current unstable political situation of the country.

KLM is one of the popular airlines for flights to Africa from all over Europe. In the recent past, the Transit visa restrictions for non-British Nationals to fly via Charles De Gaules Airport Paris caused a fair amount of loss to the group. While this condition has been lifted last year, KLM and Air France merger ideally, is a great step towards acquiring the pre-crises state of profit.

KLM Press release today, further stated that compared to winter 2009 – 2010 overall production will be increased by 6.6%, which breaks down into a 6.9% increase for long-haul destination and a 5.4% increase for medium-haul destinations.

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