Do remember to make a hassle free packing for Libya

Every day there are hundreds of flights to Libya, the country’s flagship carrier “Afriqiyah Airways” is a representative of the whole continent and therefore, provides various connecting flights to worldwide destinations via Tripoli international airports. One way or the other, if you are coming to Libya and need a little information on what to pack and what not, we are here to help you.

In most cases, one guide on ‘packing your bags’ for Flights to Africa, can give you a better idea on what should be your preference while packing and flying to this amazing continent.

While going to Libya, the main entry points are either through Tripoli or through Benghazi. You can either travel through air or if you don’t get sea sick, and have plenty of time, than you can opt for a more interesting way and travel by sea. Libya has one of Africa’s major ports. Also, you can travel from Egypt, Tunisia or from the south of Libya by land.

    The first thing to remember before packing your Bags for Libya is to reassure all your travel documents are complete. Believe me, there is nothing worst in the world, than creating a scene at Tripoli International Airport where there have always been stories flinging about ‘rude’ airport guards and security officers. So better not play a part in any such story. Secondly, luggage loses or late arrivals are a common complain. Hence if you are filling up your bag with your important business or personal documents always photocopy and leave a copy at home (or with a friend who can send it over to you in case of need). The even better option is to keep your documents in your hand luggage (but don’t forget to pick it up when deplaning). The third most important thing, not to be forgotten while packing your bags for Libya is to pack sufficient medicines incase if you have been prescribed with any (and a little extra incase if flights are delayed a day or two). I remember a friend of mine, who kept medicines only enough for 14 days trip and than that famous ‘volcanic ash cloud’ incident occurred and all over UK and Ireland airports were shut down nothing flew, except flies. She spent those days in very bad health and eventually had to consult a doctor online who could suggest her some alternate of those meds she should find in Libya. Also, if you are bringing a big supply of meds always keep a letter at hand that explains the use of them and is signed by your doctor. Keep basic medications (such as for head ache or diarrhea) with you. A small bandage, anti septic or germ killer is also good to be kept. Keep a liquid or paper soap with you too. Wet tissue in your hand carry are a must when going anywhere in Africa (is hot there). Hair catchers for women or specs for anyone with a weak eye sight, always keep spares with you. Also, guide books or dictionaries are more expansive while you are on a tour so buy them in advance. The pocket dictionary, easy to carry is a better idea and should be an easy fit in your suit case. Libyans like when tourists try to speak their language i.e. Arabic. Pack sun-block (plenty of it), a sun hat and also sun glasses. If you have an old camera, check before packing if it still works and keep extra battery with you if available. Good sneakers, Khakis, Swimming Suit and at least one formal wear should be packed. Mosquito spray or repellent lotion and ear-plugs are the small things, if not available can turn your trip to a disaster so pack them. Put your name on your bag, your flight number in bold or big sticker and be the first at arrivals to get hold of your bags.

Incase if you have booked your cheap flights to Tripoli, they may not come with insurance so medical or travel insurance is also recommended.

source:  Cheap Flights -  Travel House UK

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