Nigerian industrialist name as "Grand Patron" of the National Carnival Nigeria

The famous Nigerian industrialist and philanthropist, Chief Gabriel Igbinedion, also called “the Esama of Benin” has been named as “the Grand Patron” of the national carnival by the 2010 Abuja Carnival Management Committee last week. The committee meeting took place at his Maitama Mansion.

The investiture was attended by friends of the Esama of Benin and prominent figures of the diplomatic community. The Honorable Minister of Tourism, Culture, and National Orientation, Alhaji Sadiq Abubakar Mohammed, who was also present at the occasion said;

We are gathered here today to add a very essential element to the Nigeria’s national carnival ‘Abuja Carnival’ to install a carnival Grand Patron.

The minister further stated:

Human beings are so used to having support in their buildings that they often take for granted that a support determines how much weight a building can carry; it determines whether a building will rise to story level or to be forever condemned to remain a bungalow; in bridges, it determines how much traffic the given bridge can carry and it is thanks to support, that man has been able to bridge troubled waters.

With the above mentioned philosophical statements, the minister illuminated the selection process by saying:

We are not only very careful of how we choose a Grand Patron who is expected to provide support to the carnival, but we also hold the personality in great reverence.

Hence, it is evident that the selection of  Mr.Gabriel Igbinedion as the Grand Patron for the much anticipated Abuja Carnival is carried out on strict merit. Abuja carnival is expected to be the nation’s biggest international event for this year, already receiving media coverage and attention nearly every single day. Abuja Carnival is also a means of reviving the culture and traditions of the continent. The event is likely to attract more tourism to the country as various airlines are currently offering cheap flights to Abuja Nigeria.

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