Labadi pleasure beach Accra – Ghana

Ghana is a country of multiple attractions in their truest originality. The country not only provides a great opportunity for travelers seeking an African Safari experience but also, clubbing, dinning or beach holiday are very cheap and affordable here. Last but not the least, although the country’s flagship carrier, Ghana International Airline is no more operating, you can still get direct and cheap flights to Accra Ghana with a plenty of airlines including Virgin Atlantic direct flights and Air Morocco cheap flights to Ghana.

This year in winters, fly to Ghana and experience the beauty of Labadi Pleasure Beach. Labadi Pleasure beach is a three kilometers wide frontage at Labadi. The best thing to know about Labadi is that, it’s only located about 8 kilometers away from Accra, the capital of Ghana, towards the east of the city on Accra Tema Beach Road. As all international flights arrive in Ghana, you will have no problem in getting to the beach anytime.

Labadi Beach carries a reputation for being almost deserted all five days of the week but as soon as Friday is slipping into the excitement of weekend, Ghanaians from all nooks and corners of the city gather to party and make the most of their weekend. Mostly, you will see families celebrating their weekends here. One thing to remember, most parents are conservative and strict so you will not find young girls wearing thongs or provoking swim suites. However there always are some are exceptions. Also it’s good to seek permission before taking any one’s photograph and lastly do not stay till late. When you see most people leaving back home you should do the same.

Labadi is the main public beach in Accra Ghana and actually, the only one with a beach shower and changing room facilities. There, you will also find catering services however not as good as you can expect in the western or Far East beaches. The best thing to make the most of your beach holiday at Labadi is to get up early, prepare you barbecue ingredients, take a few wine bottles and head on to the Labadi beach. You can enjoy a beach barbecue and a stunning sunset, plus the usual activities of beach lazing; surfing and sun bathing etc too.

A holiday in Ghana is best explained as a much cheaper version of African Beach and Safari holiday. So if you want to go off the beaten path this winter and discover something new OR you want to have an exciting beach holiday in minimal budget, Accra Ghana is the best choice.

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