The Attractions of Clifton Beach South Africa

The one and only beach named “The Best Beach” by region by Discovery Travel Channel and the 8th in world’s ‘Top Topless beaches’ by Forbes, is Clifton Beach, Western Cape South Africa.

It is like the California of South Africa.  White sand, youngsters playing beach volley ball, children making sand castles, boys hugging their surfboard and riding the waves are some of the common sites at this stunning Cape Town Beach. If you are a holiday maker or a first timer in South Africa going to Clifton beach will keep you coming back again. Also many airlines including, British Airways offer direct flights to Cape Town so you don’t have any mountains to climb or boats to take in getting here. Accessibility is as easy as you can think of.

Clifton Beach is a rich suburban area of Cape Town where a large majority is white African. Apart from the lively turquoise beach, the prominent attraction of this region is properties and houses located on nearby cliffs that have sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean. Despite the fact that many properties can only be accessed through flying stairs and do not have garages or car access, property rates are sky high here. Actually, it’s one of the most expensive real states in Cape Town.

Clifton Beach South Africa

Another distinguishing and unique characteristic of Clifton Beach is the variety that you can experience through roaming at all the four different beaches; one after another that comprises the Clifton Beach area. All these beaches are frequented by tourists and locals alike and a common picnic point for families.  It’s very easy to remember the names of these beaches, since they are called 1, 2, 3 and 4 and separated by falls of granite boulders. The one thing common about all these beaches is the fine and white granitic sand, turning them into a picturesque place only seen at postcards or high definition TV. There is also a 5th beach right before the First Beach, called Moses, however its somewhat magical in its property of appearing and vanishing along with the sand in and out with the changing seasons.

Clifton beach Cape Town is very different for those who have earlier been to South Africa warm beaches like in Durban. The water here is a bit chilly and remains between 12 to 16 °C. However, there is a variety of water sports dominated by surfing. The strongest surf is at First beach and the power keeps getting lighter as you move towards the Fourth beach, where the surf is weakest.

1. First Beach is the smallest one. It draws a mixed crowd of locals and surfers.

2. The Second beach however, is the Student Beach, where beach volleyball and beach bats are popular sports.

3. The Third beach is more populated and frequented mostly by LGBTs.

4. Fourth beach is the major crowd puller and Yachts anchor off here, especially on summer weekends.

In coming December Flights to South Africa will be booked by travelers from round the globe, where Johannesburg will attract the Safari crowd and Cape Town – the beach crowd. So whether you are booking your cheap flights to Johannesburg or Cape Town, keep a day or two aside to surf Clifton Beach.

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