Another Victory for Kenya Airways

Kenya’s largest and national carrier “Kenya Airways” brought another award to African Aviation. The world’s one of the fastest growing airline, Kenya is holds the title of “Pride of Africa”. The airline is globally recognized for its superb services and high standard. It’s the means of getting direct and cheap flights to Nairobi the capital of Kenya.

Kenya Airways Wins World Finance Award

Kenya Airways received “World Finance Award” 2010 that added to its prestigious world recognition. The award was handed in a ceremony recently from World Finance Magazine for the procedure and detail that Kenya Airways takes into consideration in preparing financial performance information for shareholders and investors.

At this occasion, Kenya Airways Group Finance Director Alex Mbugua said that as a cross-listed company on the Nairobi Stock Exchange, Uganda Securities Exchange, and the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange, it is important to disclose as much information as possible about the company to give investors an elaborate picture. He further added that It is the first time Kenya Airline has received the award and is a global acceptance of the high financial reporting standards in Africa.

Mr. Mbugua explained that: “Kenya Airways is one of the largest airlines in Africa. With a billion dollar annual turnover and a complex mix of shareholders, including private individuals, the airline KLM, and the Kenyan government, good communication is vital.” He emphasized: “What is particularly gratifying about this award is that it covers all industries, and not just aviation, across the entire continent.”

The airline is counted among the top league and is Africa’s most speedily growing airlines. It operates the largest and most modern fleet consisting of 29 aircraft. Kenya Airways operates scheduled service to 50 destinations worldwide include flights to and from Africa, Europe, Middle East, and Far East.

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