Darkensburg Sun Life Style Resort stands The Winner

Drakensberg Sun Lifestyle Resort has won the title and award for the “Best Single Resource Management Program – Energy 2010” earlier this week at Imvelo Responsible Tourism Awards. The award ceremony held in Johannesburg, capital city of South Africa. At this occasion, Mr. Warren Bell, Chairperson of the Drakensberg Sun Lifestyle Resort Environmental Management Committee said:

This national award is in recognition of our 14% year on year reduction in energy usage via a range of initiatives both big and small. We completed a change out of light bulbs, installed a new building management system, and ran an extensive education campaign for guests and staff to switch off appliances not in use. The result is not only a reduction of carbon pollution on the environment, but a fundamental and lasting change to how we operate the resort.

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Drakensberg Sun Lifestyle Resort has also achieved the Platinum Heritage Certification, for their sustainability program, which is the highest award. This stunning resort is one of its kind and a true deserving winner. Drakensberg Sun Lifestyle Resort incorporates, environmental initiatives including 100% recycling of all water used on property, social engagement via 95% employment of local people, a guest support program for local childcare, natural resource management through the establishment of the Cathkin Park Conservancy to reintroduce wild game and the protection and breeding support of endangered Cape Vultures.

Commenting at this outstanding victory, Mr. Neal Dickinson, Operations Director Heritage Environmental Management Company said:

The success of Drakensberg Sun Lifestyle Resort across three categories of these prestigious environmental awards demonstrates the resort’s comprehensive approach to sustainability. Drakensberg Sun Lifestyle Resort was the first Southern Sun property to be awarded the Heritage Green Globe certification and its efforts in managing a sustainable business are an example to tourism businesses in South Africa and internationally.

Also, the Heritage Green Globe resort was also highly applauded for Best Overall Environmental Management System. The resort has been a finalist for Best Single Resource Management Program – Waste.

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