More Flights Expected to be Affected as Worst Political Crises Continues in Libya

As Libya continues to battle its worst political crises, the country’s national airline Afriqiyah Airways flight Schedules remain seriously affected.

Presently, the airline has announced the cancellation of its flights on temporary basis and will not be operating flights to or from Tripoli, Libyan Capital. Further to that, as Tripoli Air Space has also remained closed in between and at time of curfews other airlines operating flights to Tripoli are equally affected. The evacuation of travelers, tourists and non nationals from Libya raises serious concerns as thousands are reported to be stranded on Tripoli Airport even today.

libya-protestersThe Oil Giant, BP has rendered its services to the British Government and provided its C130’s vacant seats to British Nationals, who flew back home from Libya this week and thanked the company for its assistance in such an hour of need. Other countries have also utilized all means of transportation including evacuation through ships.

The most recent, from Afriqiyah Airways (8U) is that the airline has announced a ‘full refund’ to all customers booked until the 15th of March to travel from or to Tripoli Libya. This also applies to other routes where the airline provides indirect flights, such as flights from London Gatwick Airport to Johannesburg via Tripoli. Other most popular indirect routes of Afriqiyah include flights to Accra, Lagos, Nairobi and neighboring countries of Libya.

The airline also stated that it will notify the status of flights after the given date, Match 15 later. Please note this is only applicable in case where the airline is not operating and has announced cancellation or disruption of its flights. Whereas, if a person is seeking cancellation of flights for other reasons, Air Afriqiyah ‘s standard cancellation policy will apply.

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