Client Referral Rewards Program

Many a time you wouldn’t expect anything in return for an advice or suggestion offered to a dear friend or a cherished family member. But wouldn’t it be nice to get rewarded every time you help out a companion in making a right decision? Well, that’s how we, at Travel House UK, think how our passengers and their associated friends deserve to be treated; rewarded and praised at every step. Since our aim at Travel House UK is to secure our passengers’ comfort, affordability and convenience, how could we ever go on celebrating an auspicious moment in our eight-year affiliation with our clients, without first making them a part of it? 

This time too we celebrate the successful achievement of winning 1,000,000 hearts, by making our precious passengers a significant part of our merriment. This Easter season, Travel House UK has lucratively completed a milestone of one million passengers and our clients are the ones to be praised for it. It comes as great pleasure to know that Travel House UK has been able to dig a special place in its client’s hearts and that too within a short period of time. The story of our success is narrated through the fact that a large chunk of our fresh clients are referred by the old ones. Now when our passengers have played their part, it is our turn to express our gratitude.

As an appreciation of our passengers’ loyalty, we have conjured a client referral reward (CRR) system for our old clients which is aimed at having a two-fold effect- firstly, reward our old clients for putting forward a good name for us and secondly, enchanting new passengers into tying a permanent bond with us. The CRR has a simple procedure that can earn you swift pounds just by spreading a word of mouth. We plan on rewarding our clients who refer us to their friends and family after having completed purchase of their own travel with us. Once the new referred potential clients contact us for a reservation, we allow them up to four weeks after their first reservation call. If within or at the end of the four-week time the new client successfully makes a purchase, we would deliver an instant reward of up to GBP 25 to the client who had originally made the referral. So make sure your suggestion does not just disappear in thin air but has an impact significant enough to earn you those free 25 pounds!

To grease the implementation process for our CRR system, each e-ticket that a passenger purchases would be accompanied by a referral form and the passenger’s MIS booking number would simultaneously be used as his referral number – so that when the newly referred client makes a purchase, we can use the original client’s MIS booking number to transfer his due reward to him (the original client).

Existing clients are requested to contact their booking consultant for their reference number or any further details. Remember to ask for the referral form so that the new potential client knows in advance what details they need to provide us and to make sure that your reference is quoted.

Just like our efficient reservation procedure, this newly launched reward deal is also based on a carefully crafted plan so that any inconvenience may be avoided. Now when you refer us to any one of your pals, do know that a special treatment awaits you as an appreciation of your confidence in our services. Hoping to provide you even better services in the future, Travel House UK will keep bringing up innovative ideas that could become a source of joy and pleasure for you because our passengers will always remain our top priority.

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