Tropical Paradise of Casamance, Senegal

Senegal is diverse, one of the most urbanized nations of Africa with stylish life style and lively night life of its cities, but if you head out of its cities you will find some of the most beautiful landscape of the continent. And that is true for the beaches of the Senegal as well especially the one in the region of Casamance on the western coast of Senegal.

The beaches here are white, soft and if you take into account the lush tropical surroundings of Casamance you get the best spot for a relaxing vacation. Another attraction of Casamance is the unique culture of the Diola people, the major ethnic group of the region.

If you are travelling from outside the Senegal then your first stop will be the capital city of Dakar, many airlines worldwide offer direct flights to Dakar. Buses travel frequently to the Ziguinchor the capital of the Casamance region, but you can also hire a car here.

The city of Ziguinchor is a relaxing colonial era town with most of the architecture still resembling that of the colonial times. The accommodation is cheap and provides decent services. You may want to stay in the town for a day or two before venturing to the beaches or other attractions.

The greatest attraction of the area of Casamance is its palm fringed sandy beaches that stretch for miles. The lush tropical jungle and the farms around the area are a good spot for visiting as well. You can decide to camp along the beaches or you can stay at one of the many resorts in the area. The colonial era architecture of Casamance is also worth paying a visit as most of them date back to the 19th century. The political situation of Casamance was unsettled in the last decade because of the separatist movement in the area but with the peace deal struck between the centre and the province in 2000, the normalcy has returned to the land and you will find thousands of foreign visitors in the area. For observing the beautiful culture of the locals do pay a visit to the villages along the shore line, the exotic dances and rituals of the locals especially the Diola people will surely make you gasp.

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