The Unique Attractions of Nairobi

Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, is known as the Safari capital of Africa for the vast safari tours it has to offer to those who book cheap flights to Nairobi as well as the locals. Including a wide range of cultural, wildlife, sport, adventure, scenic and shopping safaris, and hence the city truly justifies its title. However, unlike what many people perceive it to be, Nairobi is not a land of barren planes with only an abundance of animals around its land, it is much more than this. Being one of the largest cities in Africa, Nairobi offers all those facilities like bar, night clubs, spas, museums, cafes and others that are expected of a popular tourist destination. However, there is no denying to the fact that Nairobi’s numerous and multifarious safari options remain the highlight for this city.

The biggest and undisputedly the most popular of Nairobi’s Safari is offered at the Nairobi National Park.  Marking its boundaries only 7km away from the city centre, this park is a full Safari game reserve, offering the most extensive variety of Africa’s native animals including Lions, Zebras, giraffes and many more. To add to the excitement, one part of this Park remains unfenced and hence you never know what you’re going to encounter every time you visit this adventurous land. Those visitors who would prefer to visit the best of African Wildlife Safari chose the Nairobi National Park as the most appropriate choice.

If you crave for a true twisting and tingling adventure but without much danger, try experiencing the white water rafting at the Tana River, just 95 km away from Nairobi. To suite varying levels of adventure, the river combines 16 km of white water and 12 km of Clear River that is ideal for a more calm and cautious safari trip. The drifts at Tana River are perfect for a first time experience with less of challenging danger and more of an opportunity for bird watching and enjoying the beautiful natural surroundings. Before jumping on to a more hard core rafting experience, it’s best to taste a chunk of the Tana River White Water Safari.

Many tourists, who come to Nairobi, are equally interested in exploring the local culture as they are in the adventures of this city. If you have similar aims for those cheap tickets to Kenya that you’ve purchased, do not forget to pay a visit to the Railway Museum and the Nairobi National Museum on your trip.

Nairobi has a number of natural sites where the nature is seen dazzling at its best. One such spot that would simply leave you mesmerized is the 14 Waterfalls. This one is indeed of God’s miraculous creations. The clustered white droplets of water come rushing down the gigantic rocks with lightening speed, to form 14 different streams of water that eventually blend into one at the bottom of the fall. The majestic waterfalls are surrounded by jaw-dropping natural surroundings, giving it an overall heavenly look.

Although often over looked, Nairobi has a great number of exciting as well as thrilling opportunities for its visitors spread in and around the city. Next time when you board the plane for Nairobi, consider visiting the above places for an amazing trip to the safari capital of Africa.

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