Romantic Vacation along the Kenyan Coast

Looking for a romantic vacation in the Eastern Africa? There is no better way to achieve it than by taking the journey along the Kenyan coast from the harbor of Mombasa to the city of Zanzibar and that too on a spice boat. Thousands of travelers head to Mombasa each year for just this reason, because the journey along the sandy palm fringed coast of Kenya is just the thing you need to flare up romance in your life. You can find a cheap flight to Mombasa with the Kenya Airways from many major European airports; it is here that you will start this fascinating Voyage.

Both Mombasa and Zanzibar have been major trade ports of the Indian Ocean for centuries, Arabs, Indians and Portuguese all used these ports to build their economic empires in the area. The settlers from all of these different parts of the world along with the original Swahili people of the area combine to form a unique inter ethnic harmony in these cities. You will find the Indian Guajarati shops that give you the feel of an Indian bazaar, a historical mosque with North African architecture built by the Tunisian Arabs and on the top hill of the city the Fort Jesus that was built by the Portuguese during their colonial era. The spice boats are sailing in these waters for more than 800 years now and are still a preferred means of transport by most of the traders and travelers of the area.

On your journey from Mombasa to Zanzibar the best place to stop and pay a visit to is the island of Lamu, the jewel of the Kenyan Coast. In fact the whole archipelago of Lamu is loveable, but the city of Lamu is the best example of a traditional Swahili city with mud houses with large courtyards, streets that are shaded by the palm trees and the locals wearing the traditional Swahili dresses. Lamu was once the center of the Spice trade in the region and still have some large markets that sell spices; the scent of spice is in the air of Lamu.

On the mainland of Kenya, try to spend a couple of nights at the Mida Creek Ecocamp close to Mombasa with traditional Swahili mud huts and some Luxurious traditional houses, choose one according to your budget. The surroundings of the place is beautiful with a lush tropical forest on one side and calm waters of the Indian ocean on the other, this is the best place to complete your journey of the Kenyan coast.

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