Mysterious Madagascar

It’s considered a part of Africa, but still there is a way difference than the rest of the continent. Separated from the mainland by the two hundred kilometers of Indian Ocean, the plants that grow here are unique to the island and so are its animals. Madagascar has always been a mysterious place for the tourists, one that inspires thousands of visitors to go there and they keep on coming back again and again. Its tropical climate, bone white beaches, lush forests and some stunning landscapes make this a paradise for the visitors looking for an escape from their daily life.

In the last decade Madagascar tourism industry had a big boom in it with a tremendous increase in the tourist traffic and you will find many new resorts and hotels opening all over the island. Getting into the country is easy from within the African continent, with Kenya Airways, Air Mauritius and South African Airways offers cheap flights to Antananarivo from many major African Airports. The only European carrier offering direct flight to Antananarivo is Air France. With the recent improvements in its fleet, the Air Madagascar has become another good option for travelling with, but most of its flights are to the African destinations.

 The forest of Madagascar and the wildlife living in them is considered as a world heritage in itself, with more than 700 different types of plants and bushes that are unique to the island. Venture into its dense forests of Morondova to see the unique carnivorous plant which traps and eats the insects and also some big verities of it that even eat the smaller birds. The beaches of the island are also a great attraction, with their soft white sand and turquoise water they are perfect for a relaxing vacation. Madagascar was a haven for the pirates in the Indian Ocean and you will still find a lot of old ship wrecks across its shore line.

The people of the island are friendly and interesting, living in Africa but still have the customs and language of the South East Asia from where they migrated around 2000 years ago. Most of them are farmers, if you take a tour inland you will find them doing their daily chores in the terraced rice fields. You can stay with the locals if you find their culture interesting, otherwise there are many hotels all across the island that offer decent services on an affordable price.

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